Pursuant to the strategic approaches of the Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce in activating trade movement in the emirate, and within its endeavor to serve merchants and business owners, the Chamber launched its non-profit project “The Dhabi Privileges and Services” for discounts with the aim of providing a number of benefits for the two sides of trade activity: the consumer and the merchant. Such benefits can be summarized as the following

  • Creating an economic integration between different economic sectors in the emirate and working on business matchmaking.
  • Supporting the mutual trust between the consumer and the merchant.
  • Supporting marketing operations in the private sector.
  • Giving real opportunities to increase selling and purchasing processes.
  • Offering services and privileges beyond discounts for consumers.
  • Strengthening and spreading the culture and principles of social responsibility at the Abu Dhabi Chamber.

Our Vision

We seek to become a leading integrated business platform at the local, regional and international levels.

Our Mission

  • To ensure every inhabitant of Abu Dhabi has a Dhabi Privileges and Services
  • To further enrich the lifestyle of Dhabi Privileges and Services holders
  • To aid the growth of the Abu Dhabi commercial sector and the UAE economy overall.

Our Values

  • To add value to our members and partners
  • Creativity and originality
  • Transparency in our operations

Required to Register Companies

After Registration You need to Submit following Documents to Dhabi Card at dhabicard@dhabicard.ae

  • Signed and Stamp Subscription Form along with (competitive offers and privileges offered to Dhabi Card Holders Not less than 20% )
  • Trade License Copy
  • The company's business license
  • Offer submitted by the company (provided that not less than 20%)
  • High quality photos of the company (800px x 800px)
  • Company logo, measurement (343 px x 241 px)
  • Measuring the banner on the site of 1400 × 600
  • Social networking links
  • Company website link
  • Company map on Google